Smart, Fun, Collaborative Marketing

E&Co partners with you to create marketing strategies that generate results for your organization. We assess individual needs, create plans that make sense, identify and connect you with the people you need to talk to and provide feedback on the results. We may even have a few laughs along the way!
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How We Work

  • We Collaborate

    E&Co asks questions. We listen to your needs. We learn about your organization. We facilitate the process. We partner with you. We discover your hidden talents. We create goals based on your needs. We simplify the process. We collaborate with you.
  • We Create

    E&Co builds strategy. We talk amongst ourselves. We meet with you. We bounce ideas off each other. We laugh at ourselves. We write copy. We talk a little more. We listen a lot more. We refine. We provide a roadmap. We create cool stuff for you.
  • We Connect

    E&Co develops tools. We tell your story. We create stellar content. We build your brand. We showcase your business. We explore key relationships. We launch your business to the next level. We discover the right people, the right place, the right time. We connect people with you.
  • We Evaluate

    E&Co measures results.  We examine where you’ve been. We celebrate your success. We review challenges. We celebrate more. We ask questions. We monitor goals. We revise the plan. We adapt. We evaluate the outcomes for you.

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