We can keep your biggest projects on schedule and on budget, having fun along the way. We build processes that alleviate (most) of the project planning burden.

Whether you’re throwing a party, launching a new product, or redesigning your website, we dive in head first, partnering with you to determine what needs to be done and when. We will work closely with designers, research and suggest assets, orchestrate processes, manage budgets, create project maps, reports and so much more.

Our goal is to provide you with a smooth sailing project enabling you to focus on the big picture and give you the ability to sleep at night.

Throughout our careers, we’ve managed numerous projects. Here are a couple examples:

The Cobbler has no shoes
Challenge:  A design agency with whom we closely work needed a new website. Because they were busy creating great design for others, their site always took the back burner.
Solution:  E&Co was hired to manage the process and timeline based on a launch date specified by the agency.
Result:  Website design and content finalized prior to launch date.

No Time for News
Challenge:  Client wanted to shift vendors for enewsletters before distributing a newsletter, but didn’t have the time to research vendors or manage lists.
Solution:  E&Co took over the process and recommended a vendor we’ve come to rely on. Once approved, we quickly worked to get all the lists in the right place. Because of time, E&Co also ended up writing the newsletter announcement, creating the new templates and distributing the newsletter quickly.
Result: Freed up time for client to focus on other things, saved money by offering a free email solution and provided a professional-looking enewsletter template to be used for future email communications.

And back to that party you’re throwing…can we come?