What a few of our clients are saying…

The work that Endsley & Company has done for Tumbleweed is priceless. They have taken our business to a new level, always looking for and sharing opportunities for additional growth. It doesn’t hurt that they are easy to work with and make the process fun!
Jessica Russell
Tumbleweed Bead Co.

Mike and Jackie have taken the time to understand our business and combine what we want and what they know works best in social media.  We have a small business and our daily tasks make it difficult for us to attend to our website, our Facebook, our Instagram, etc.  Thank goodness we have Endsley and Company to take care of it!
Nalini Paton
Arlberg Sports

Jackie and Mike are great to work with.  They provide all of the Facebook content we need to keep our Facebook relevant, current and seen by the most amount of people.  And they do it with very little input from us.  About a half hour each month is all it takes to get them going!  Plus, they’re always willing to make last minute changes or post last minute ideas for us.
Amanda Rumann
Jerry’s Auto Supply

OMG (oh my goodness) do I love my website!  Jackie and Mike saw my vision from our first meeting and began to make it real.   They were so organized and let me know exactly what was expected of me and on occasion when I did not meet those expectations they were more than patient with me.  The three of us worked together well and the end result is a wonderful website and more importantly – we are great friends. Thanks Jackie and Mike.
 peggy @ pickle papers

E&Co has done a great job helping both our company and our clients evolve into using social media effectively. I’ve learned to trust them implicitly and I value their ability to think independently and to challenge us to do better. I whole heartedly recommend E&Co.
Eric Shew
Shew Design 

During our busiest time of year, cherry season, Endsley & Company provided their marketing services.  It was such a treat to be able to seamlessly hand this project off and have it in such good hands throughout the summer.  They are so easy to work with and provide excellent service!
Cory Wray
Orondo Ruby

Endsley  and Co. was recommended to me by one of their clients, someone whom I trust with my business decisions. They were able to take the ideas I had and make them into something so much better.  They developed a website, as well as a facebook page for us, and consult on social media decisions.  I am able to trust in their advice, even when it is so far from how I envisioned things. I was hesitant to use social media, as my business was growing on its own, and I didn’t find the need invest in further growth.  I had no idea how much business I was missing out on by not optimizing the use of social media, something that was beyond my knowledge or comfort zone. The results have far exceeded my expectations!
Sharilyn Lux
Lux Language Partners