Using Social Media to Promote Local Events

We recently had an opportunity to help promote a local event in downtown Wenatchee. A couple months prior to the event, we built a plan that would help us stay on track. Proactive planning is a big part of successful social media management for our company. Below are a few tips to help with your event planning:

  • Create marketing assets and share them with your community.Calendar concept with icon design, vector illustration 10 eps graphic.
    This includes things like a relevant hashtag, event logos, banners for Facebook events and participant websites and marketing copy to build consistency around the event.
  • Develop a content calendar.
    This is something that our company uses on a daily basis for our clients and we recommend this approach to everyone we talk with. For this event, we built a 6-week calendar with high-level content topics. For each week, we wrote the actual content the week prior. This approach helps us be proactive in our messaging so we we’re not trying to come up with something to say at the last minute!
  • Determine budget for advertising.
    If you have an advertising budget for your event, don’t forget about social media. Paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram is fairly reasonable and can get your event in front of a very specific, targeted market.
  • Use Facebook events.
    For this event, the event organizer had their main Facebook event, but we also recommended that all participating businesses have their own event, using branded marketing assets, that talked about what they were doing that day/evening. The viral effect of Facebook events is outstanding. Once the event is set up, don’t forget to post IN the event, as well!
  • Use a variety of content.
    Using various types of content will keep your audience engaged – photos, videos, testimonials, polls, giveaways, etc.

The social media tips outlined above aren’t anything new, but they are great reminders for when you’re planning a local event. If you have questions or ever need help with social media management, please don’t hesitate to contact Endsley & Company.

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